18 Oct

It’s 9:50am.  I’ve heard some rumbling in my tummy.  It feels like gas.  However, a long time ago I was a victim of “Montezuma’s Revenge”.  Now I think that the sphincter is a magical muscle.  Somehow it is able to tell the difference between a solid, liquid and a gas.  Usually it is right.  When Montezuma’s Revenge hit me, Mr. O-Ring was wrong.  Way off.  Honestly I thought he’d given up guessing.  It was not a good night.

So now I sit with the knowledge of ingesting a powerful laxative, the sounds of gas moving through my system, and pressure building.  Do I trust Mr. O-ring?  I’ve learned my lesson.  Today I will NOT trust him.  Nothing gets passed without being over a porcelain thrown.  I can afford an accident at home, but I’m still at work!!!

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