In the beginning…

18 Oct

Alrighty…  So I’m a day away from my colonoscopy, nervous as heck.  What better way to release tension than to talk about it?  My psychologist would be proud.  If I had one.  I’m hoping you’ve come here because you are in the same position, maybe more than a few days away.  Good luck to you!

I had my “last meal” last night.  My choice was pizza.  I looove pizza.  My instructions from my Dr. said I can have a “light breakfast” so I picked up a muffin on the way into work.  He also said coffee with no milk is OK.  Perfect, cause I’ve been drinking it black for a few months now.

It’s 9:25am and I’ve just downed my first package of pico-salax.  The taste?  It wasn’t bad at all.  Wasn’t “mediciney”.  Tasted like a crappy orange drink.  I’m supposed to drink “1.5 to 2 litres of clear fluids following each sachet”???  Well my first coffee this morning is 414ml (large from Tim’s).

Could be psychosomatic, but I think strange things are happening downstairs, and its only 9:32am.  I’m not sure how quickly this pico-salax starts working.  Time for Google!

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