Sachet Number 2

18 Oct

So I’m downing the 2nd sachet of pico-salax.  Its warm as it goes down.  I picked up a bowl of chicken noodle soup from Timmies, a large black, and a bottle of Gatorade G2 (blueberry pomegranate).

I’m straining my soup with my teeth.  My friend that works at Timmies was able to strain out 99% of the big chunks of food, but there are still onions and herbs floating in it…  Maybe I should pull a MacGyver and make a strainer out of my sock.

I’m a little bit hungry, but this soup is hitting the spot.  Feeling pretty good otherwise!

I got a call from a nurse at the clinic to do a short questionnaire over the phone.  The only concern was raised when she asked about sleep apnea.  I haven’t raised that concern with my Dr. but I know sometimes it can be severe.  Hasn’t been a problem for at least 6 months though.  So if you have some time before your colonoscopy and you have concerns over sleep apnea, talk to your Dr now!

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