No news is good news?

19 Oct

I’m not so sure about that… I fell asleep probably between 11pm and midnight. I’ve passed the midnight mark, which means no more fluids. I had some very colorful BMs late night, a dark shade of green. I didn’t worry about it at first, passing it off as possibly caused by the blueberry pomegranate Gatorade that I drank earlier. The first one made sense, but the second BM just seemed like the quantities didn’t match up. It seemed like there was much more color than what could be explained by a single Gatorade.
But worse than that, and I’m not sure if this is normal. I have a constipation feeling. Like I have a massive BM inside me and it won’t come out. Like if I strain, I might be pushing my intestines outside of me… AND it’s 2am, and I’ve got another 12 hours until my procedure. So I’m awake, feeling pressure, feeling sick, and concerned. This sucks.
Obviously this is something I’ll update on later when I speak to my doctor, but it feels like forever plus an hour away…

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