The exam

19 Oct

I arrived at the clinic with all of my paperwork in order. They sat me down and checked my blood pressure, heart rate, and O2. Sat there waiting for what felt like 20 minutes.
The anesthesiologist came and brought me to the examination room. She put a needle in my hand, and an oxygen tube up my nose. Another nurse put a paper blanket over top of my lower body and asked me to pull my underwear and pants to my knees. A BP cuff, and heart monitors on my hairy chest.
The doctor came in, asked if I had any questions, asked him about the constipation pressure. He didn’t respond, I guess he was expecting to see something inside. They asked me to lay on my left side. The anesthesiologist injected some stuff into my hand. I could feel myself drifting away.
I woke in a different room, pants still down, needle thingy and heart rate monitor on my hand, and a blood pressure cuff on my arm. A nurse came in and checked on me, taking the needle out of my hand, and giving me a bandaid. I sat there farting up a thunderstorm for the next 15 minutes. The pressure cuff and heart rate monitor came off. The Dr came over and said that he didn’t find anything. Great news, but that didn’t explain my symptoms. No polyps, no hemorrhoids, no intestine twists, no cancer.
I picked up another appointment for this Friday, having to do a similar bowel prep on Thursday (tomorrow???) for a Barium contrast X-ray of my small intestines.
On the way home, picked up a couple slices of pizza and quickly devoured them.
My bum feels funny and I have this overwhelming desire to sing show tunes and decorate. I wonder what that’s all about…

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